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Without energy, there is no us!
Energy moves us and our world. It is the corner stone of every modern society and economy. With the rising energy costs and increasing toll of using fossil fuels on the environment, it is time go green.
There is a source of energy that begins and ends each day. A source that is sustainable and more affordable than ever before. The Sun! The time to switch2solar is now. We believe solar energy is not only viable, but essential. We have designed, engineered, helped (with finance) many power projects for residential, commercial and industrial establishments that are in operation today.
We are passionate about contributing to a world which is clean, healthy and one that gives back. Our aim is to empower you and conserve our environment by providing simple environmental friendly & sustainable solar power solutions.
"(Em)powering you, (Em)powering India, ONE ADDRESS AT A TIME!!"
To design and deliver most suitable solution to our customer using best business practices that are implementable and inspiring, while ensuring protection of the environment and promoting sustainability.
We are not here for just the profits, but to bring about a real change in the country’s energy landscape. We aim to make India a better place, by enabling solar energy one address at a time.

Our Services

Switching to solar with switch2solar is a smart decision. We may not be the cheapest quote in the market, but we ensure to empower you with the best solution that will be both efficient and long lasting.
At switch2solar, we want to make the process of you switching to solar as smooth as possible. From the start till the end, we take complete responsibility. This includes the stringent electricity board approvals and net-metering.
We have affordable solar financing options for every budget. Whether you want to maximize your financial returns or find an easy solar solution to save money and preserve the environment, there is a financing option that works for you.
Switch2solar ensures that your resources are optimized to their fullest. With clearly defined parameters, we are equipped to handle solar projects from designing and development to turnkey energy solution.
You have solar panels on your roof – now what? After our professional installation, your solar energy system doesn't require much maintenance, but we won't stop there.

Our Team

Founder & CEO

He is a seasoned solar entrepreneur and well networked construction and solar professional. With over 17 years of international experience in solar and construction industry under his belt, Vijay executed over 4 Billion dollars’ worth of projects in his career, which includes 400MW of solar projects. Vijay has experience in managing multicultural engineering, procurement and construction teams for different reputed multinational level companies. Throughout his career Vijay always strived to get the most cost-effective product for his customer, while maintaining high standards.

Vijay D

Varun C

Co-Founder & COO

Kiran started as an individual with independent thinking and with a strong desire to develop on own strength and to become a promising entrepreneur. Beginning with small projects gradually gathered few people with similar thoughts and with considerable capabilities.

The journey commenced in 2008 with a unique style of tackling the projects, developed several innovative demos for various projects and approached clients.


No Payment

Customer owns the system and produces electricity for captal consumption.


Customer pays owner of the system and make payment to every month based on the units produced.


Customer finances the system at an attractive interest rate and produces electricity for captive use

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